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1 APP Local Requirements

New Forest District Council 1APP Requirements

The New Forest District Council Local Requirements were reviewed and adopted in July 2013 and are available at  Committee Report 10 July 2013 [102kb] Opens new window  and  1APP B Report Planning Development Control Committee 10 July 2013 [102kb] Opens new window and  1 APP C Report and Appendices 1 & 2 from 8 May 2013 Planning & Development Control Committee [77kb]Opens new window. In order to reflect government advice and ensure a proportionate response when registering applications these local requirements were significantly reduced as they did not universally apply to particular application types. However this does mean that an applicant/agent has to consider what specific information will be required, and if any such information is identified at registration the Council will advise accordingly. This will not stall registration but if the identified information is not provided it may prejudice a favourable recommendation. The Local Requirements were reviewed again in December 2014 to support the Council's implementation of the Community Infrastructure Levy in April 2015 and are available at  Committee Report 10 December 2014. [604kb]Opens new window A list of other commonly required supporting information is available.

Consultation  - revised 1 APP

The Planning Development Control Committee on 12 October 2016 agreed  to proposed revised 1 APP Local Requirements be published for consultation with regular planning agents, internal and external consultees and Town/Parish Councils. This consultation ran for a 6 week period from 13 October 2016. The report and details are as set out in the spread sheet and text attached as Appendix 2 to this report which can be viewed on the following link  Proposed New Forest District Council revised 1APP (planning application) local requirements [153kb] . Please note that within the Transport Statement of these revised 1APP requirements, reference is made to additional requirements set out in Hampshire County Council Highways Standing Advice, published on 1 April 2017

Comments following consultation on the proposed revised New Forest District Council Revised 1APP (Planning Application) Local Requirements were considered and agreed by the Planning Development Control Committee on 14 December 2016. These revised requirements are therefore now adopted as the FINAL 1APP Revised List. Please see the December Report and details as set out in  Appendix 2 [52kb] and adobe icon Appendix 3 1APP Review - Affordable housing viability pro forma [76kb] , together with the additional requirements for submission of highways information as referred to in the minutes of the meeting

The Planning Forms

Please see Planning application forms and guidance notes and click on the relevant heading for 1APP forms, the 1APP local planning application checklist and guidance notes.

Please note that the National Planning Portal Guidance Notes in relation to the red line plan may not be applicable in all cases,  for example there may be no need to include the access to the public highway if no development is taking place on the access. The normal rule is that the red line should include all land where development (requiring planning permission) is actually taking place.

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Updated: 27 Feb 2020
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