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Planning Policy

Planning policies set the framework under which decisions on planning applications are made. They set out what development can happen, where, and how much there can be. With significant areas of nature conservation and landscape importance, planning policies in New Forest District are also directed towards protecting the natural environment and heritage.

Some planning policies are set at a national level by the Government. National planning policies for England are set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Under the policy framework provided by the NPPF, local planning policies are set out in a group of documents which are known together as the Local Development Framework. The documents which make up the Local Development Framework for New Forest District (outside the National Park) are set out below.

The Local Plan is the key local planning policy document. The Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy, adopted in 2009, sets the planning strategy for the area up until 2026. The Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management, adopted on 14 April 2014, sets out more detailed polices including identifying specific sites for new development.

boats housing village lane

Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy
for New Forest District

Local Plan Part 2: Sites and
Development Management

Local Plan Review 2016-2036

footpath and housing footpath and trees cottages

Supplementary Planning Documents 
and other guidance

Community Infrastructure Levy

Neighbourhood Planning

street with houses river High Street

Local Development Scheme

Statement of Community Involvement

Monitoring Report

Updated: 24 May 2017
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